Cow Pie Bingo

4HlogoIt’s not a country fair without livestock. Cow Pie Bingo is one of the most anticipated events of the fair. This year, we’ve enlisted the help of the Tanque Verde Community 4H club to help us give you and the cow a fun experience!

The concept is simple. At 11 a.m., we’ll release a cow into a pen. He’ll be well fed and ready for some relief. If the cow leaves his “calling card” on your square, you could win $200!

How to Experience the Sweet Smell of Success at Cow Pie Bingo

$5 Pays $200

  1. imagesBefore the cow enters the pen, we’ll paint a 10 x 10 grid on the ground. Each square will have a different number.
  2. Buy your tickets before we release the cow. On your ticket, you’ll have a three digit number. The last two digits of that number correspond with your square.
  3. Be at the pen when the cow is released! You’ll want to coax him over to your square. This will increase the likelihood that he’ll leave his “calling card” in your square, making you the winner of a $200 cash prize!

Once the cow does his business, the judges will determine which square is the winner. If it’s yours, come to the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce booth to claim your prize!

Can’t be there? Don’t let that stop you from playing. We’ll mail you your prize if it’s not claimed at the fair.

Buy Your Tickets

You can buy your tickets up until the cow is released from the pen!

  • Before the Vail Country Fair, buy your tickets by emailing Executive Director Michelle Harrington at
  • At the event, buy your tickets next to the cow pie bingo pen from 9 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.


How much are the tickets?

The tickets are $5 each. You have a chance to win $200 if the cow lands in your square!

How do I claim my prize?

If you’re at the Vail Country Fair when the winning square is announced, head over to the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce both to claim your prize. Otherwise, it will be mailed to you.

Can multiple people have the same square number?cow-48494_1280

Yes. Because there are only 100 squares, we’re offering multiple chances to win on the same square. We’ll sell tickets in tier levels. The first tier is numbers 101 thru 199. The second tier level is 201 thru 299. Your tier does not matter. Only the last two digits of the number on your ticket correlate with the square.

Do I have to share my cash prize with other winners of the square?

No matter how many people have a ticket with the winning square number, every winner will receive the full $200 cash prize.

What happens if there are not enough tickets sold in my tier?

If only a few tickets are sold in your tier, you will be refunded your $5 entry fee. There will not be a prize winner for that tier.

What happens if the cow’s calling card takes up multiple squares?

There will be three judges on site to determine which square received the majority of the cow’s calling card. Only one square will win the cash prize.